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2017 North Coast Forest Conservation Conference  - Growing Resilience

We would love you to join us at our June Forest Conference.  Extraordinarily great speakers, forest thinkers and panelists will provide the latest news about the health of our forests and how to help them keep thriving and growing resilience. We feel a sense of urgency to assist private and public forest owners conserve North Coast forest lands.

As you know, our forests are truly magnificent and vitally important to the health of us two leggeds and the entire planet. But they can't stay magnificent and working on our behalf unless changes are made to how they are managed. The Sonoma County Forest Conservation Working Group (group member orgs attached) is bringing forest owners, forest experts, academics, scientists, tribes, public and ngo agencies together to collaborate on June 7 – 9 at SRJC — to develop strategies to affect change on the ground and in planning and policy implementation in the coming 2-3 years.

Our conference aims to get people’s attention (esp private forest owners), change minds, change behavior, emphasize ethics, avoid moral tribalism and remind people that protecting nature serves a human purpose. We want to keep working forests working and encourage best management practices for both public and privately held forests.

The North Coast has the earth’s tallest trees and the only redwood forests. And, still, all of our trees are threatened by climate change, high-intensity wildfires, disease and pests, fragmentation of the forest ecosystem and conversion to vineyards, marijuana and development. Lack of financing, funding and investment is also challenging.

The conference will be an inspirational forum bringing together scientists, tribes, foresters, land owners, students and the public to:
·    share knowledge and on-the-ground experiences,
·    explore innovative and adaptive approaches to address rapid
     environmental changes largely due to effects of climate change, and
·    encourage and increase opportunities for future collaboration.

Do join us on June 7, 8, and 9th. Please read through the attached materials. I will be glad to answer any questions at or 707.823.3236.

        To register, read the “Register Now” card attached. The other attachment describes a bit about the Sonoma County Forest Conservation Working Group – the conference convener.
        Please pass invite along to other forest lovers and come on along!!!

“A basic assumption is that the saving of a species, or more broadly of an ecosystem, is ultimately about human survival and that there is a responsibility to use all tools available to this end.”

Dee Swanhuyser

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