How To Help Save Rural Angwin

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Become Informed

Help Pacific Union College and Land Trust Napa County permanently protect 850 acres of Angwin Forestland.

Pacific Union College and the Land Trust of Napa County seek to permanently protect, preserve, and manage over 850 acres of Angwin forestland.  Together, they have already raised over $6 million of the $9 million needed to purchase a Conservation Easement (a legally-binding agreement limiting what a property owner can do on and/or with the property) and create an endowed fund to ensure ongoing sustainable management of the forest.  The project protects the forest from being developed for agriculture, commercial, or residential use.  Whether a one-time or recurring donation, your contribution to the conservation and protection of PUC’s forest is important to the entire community of Angwin and helps provide for years of care and forest management.  Please give as generously as you can to help protect the PUC forest.  Your gift will also help leverage additional government grants to meet the goal.  DONATE please!  Go to either  and select the PUC Forest Fund. Or, go to then to the tab “Donate” and select “Protect the PUC Forest”.

One creative business endeavor has formed to provide a “delicious” way to help save the PUC forest through a minimum cash donation of $4 for a 4-oz jar of blackberry jam made from berries harvested on the PUC property.  See how you can buy a jar of jam to help save a forest.  Click for More

√ Volunteer your time and/or expertise.  Help is needed assisting with website material and monitoring and contributing to social networking sites. Computer skills are especially desirable for a number of specific SRA needs.  Become a liaison for SRA concerns to other organized groups such as the Sierra Club, Napa County Farm Bureau, or Vision 2050, to name a few. Or attend and report back to the SRA Steering Committee Chairperson on relevant Planning Commission or Board of Supervisor public meetings.

√ Have a question, a comment, or a concern. Let us hear from you!

 Share your point of view in a letter to newspapers or to your local representatives about protecting the rural character of Angwin.  Write in response to an opinion you have read or to an editorial or news article. See “Contacts” on this website for how to submit letters or articles to the local media.

 Attend Napa County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisor public hearings regarding Angwin or other rural issues.  They are informative.  For meeting schedules see   
√ Contribute funds to pay for legal and environmental consultant services and communication costs such as mailings.  We take donations made out to: Save Rural Angwin, Box 222, Angwin, CA  94508.  No donation is too small and all contributions are gratefully accepted.

 Talk to your neighbors and friends.  Share the facts and point them to this website.
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